EMHS Cheer Tryouts

Location: EMHS Doghouse (Classroom, Pom Room, Cheer Room) 


When: Thursday, June 25, 2020 (Varsity 9:00-12:00, Freshman 1:30-3:00)

Virtual Clinic:   Thursday, June 18, the Cheer Video will be released. It will be emailed and posted on the website. The video will include the following:

1) The tryout cheer

2) Two band chants

3) A demonstration of what the judges will expect to see at tryouts with a walk through order of tryouts.

*Cheer candidates will practice the cheer and band chants as well as tumbling on their own. There will NOT be a clinic!

*There will also be an optional Zoom Meeting on Wednesday,  June 24 from 2-3 pm to give participants an opportunity to ask questions. 

Confirmation of Tryout Participants:

*Contact us as soon as possible if you are NOT planning to try out!




*Sit at tables 6 ft apart  

*Judges will be contracted through each coach

*Number of judges could vary depending on availability 

*Other staff would also be at tables socially distanced (Tabulators, etc)


*Coaches/Staff/Outgoing Seniors monitor warm up and practice room to make sure girls are following social distance guidelines


1) Girls will sign in before entering the building,

2) Temperatures will be taken and  hand sanitizer will be given

3) Candidates must bring their own water

4) Common surfaces would be cleaned regularly. 

5) There will be no access to the locker room

6) Candidates will leave the building immediately after tryouts and be given hand sanitizer as they exit the building.

Tryout order:

*Varsity tryouts are first and Freshman are second.

*Candidates will be assigned a number and appointment time. The number order will be selected by a random generator program. 

*The Tryout Numbers and Appointment Times will be sent on June 11! If there is a scheduling conflict, you must let us know before June 11!


Varsity candidates must  have a physical dated after May 1st unless they have one on file from the previous year. All incoming Freshman need a new physical dated after May 1st.


Cheer Tryout Process:

*Running Tumbling       *Standing Tumbling

*Cheer                        *Jumps(toe touch and group sequence)

*Band Chant

  • Candidates will be given a designated time to report to the outside of the doghouse (25 minutes before their tryout). 

  • Only 3 athletes will be allowed in a room at a time. 

  • They will enter the front classroom and immediately be given hand sanitizer by the room monitor.  

  • They will stretch and then move to the Pom room where they can practice running tumbling, standing tumbling, the cheer,  and the band chants at a 6 ft social distancing perimeter(designated marked squares). Monitors will be in the room to make sure guidelines are followed. 

  • They will enter the Cheer room for their tryout(only one at a time).  

  • They will exit the cheer room and the Doghouse immediately after tryout. Hand sanitizer will be given upon departure. 

  • Each girl will be in the Doghouse a total of 30-40 minutes and then be required to leave. 

  • No socializing will be allowed.

***If a participant arrives late to their appointed time, they will miss part of the warm-up process to keep tryouts on schedule.

Other Essential Tryout Day Information:

  • Tryouts are closed to the public. The Doghouse will be closed to everyone except candidates. 

  • Tryout results will be posted by TRYOUT NUMBER by 9:00 p.m. on our Memorial Spirit website.

  • For tryouts, contestants should wear a white t-shirt, black shorts, white socks, white cheer shoes, and a white hair bow. Hair and bangs should be secured off of the face. No jewelry is to be worn. Gum chewing will not be allowed.

***Athletes will NOT be receiving a tryout shirt due to the timing of the Covid-19.

cheer tryout score sheet breakdown.png

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